How to Find the Best Online Casino offers

Like most markets, casinos that operate online are very diverse and competitive. As a result, there are some factors that everyone must consider when choosing the best possible casino. Probably the most prominent technique that online casino owners use is a perk system, or free credits to play with when you first sign up. The very best casinos offer these free credits (or virtual chips) to entice new customers. Another excellent feature of some of the most trustworthy casinos is their willingness to match deposits – that is, they sometimes add up to 200% of whatever you deposited into your gambling kitty. Who can resist free credit and money when playing in a virtual casino?

best online casino offers
payout percentage

Payout Percentage

The very best online casinos usually have a very high payout percentage. Basically, the percentage reflects the amount of money that the casino pays out after they receive money from the customers. For example, when counting the amount of money that the casino gave back to the customer in winnings, most of the best hover in the 99% range; they only keep 1% of all the money that was spent by customers on bets, and 99% of that money went back to the customers in overall winnings. High percentage payout means that there are bigger chances of an award coming back to a player rather than it going back into the hands of the casino owners. In terms of overall payout percentage, the best online casinos have a 98% rate overall. Counting all the games available, those are rather good odds.

Customer Service and Honesty

A person seeking a first-rate casino is most likely to invest a certain sum of money into his or her gambling activities and with that, they need the assurance that the money given to the casino will properly reflect how the awards are paid out, or simply, that the payouts will be fair. A customer also needs the reassurance that his or her money is protected. The first thing to watch out for are newer online casinos – if they haven't been around long enough to be evaluated properly, they may be untrustworthy. Then, one must discern the way in which money is exchanged between the customer and the website operators. If they offer services such as PayPal, Skrill, or certified card entry then they are almost certainly reliable. On the other hand, if the payment method requires a conversion of currency or an unsecured page onto which one need to enter a credit card number, then the customer should stay away.

customers service and honesty
testing customers ratings

Testing Phase and Customer Ratings

The top online casinos usually let the customer play the games for free as a way of letting them have a trial run. In this way, they can assure the players about the quality of their operation while also letting them see that he or she is getting a fair shot at the winnings. If the site hides the actual content from the customer, then they may be running a dishonest operation or unfair games that are skewed in their favor. The best online casinos will usually have reviews from either third party rating companies or on forums and chat outlets for people who gamble online. On the other hand, if there is little to be found about an online that you are considering playing at, then it’s better that you stay away. The only way in which you can test the quality of a casino without actually playing it is by reading the opinions of those who have played on the website before.

Observe Carefully and Use Common Sense

The top online casinos make themselves known by their overall quality and superior customer service. It should only take a few searches to gauge the popularity and quality of an online casino, and the word of peers are the most trust worthy. In the end, the best online casinos should stand out to a perspective customer in terms of a professional design, well supported & secure money exchange systems, and name recognition. The quality of an online casino should offer the customer a fun and fair experience, a superior alternative to the often crowded and hectic process of real world casinos. Fairness and quality are the aspects most important in the best online casino, and a careful customer will almost instantly recognize the best.

Star Games Casino – The Five Star Experience

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Star Games is a one of the newest additions to Casino scene, with their recent appearance in 2008. What is so special about this Casino is that they developed and use unique software that has been developed internally. For the players visiting, this means they offer quite a selection of recognizable games, which are not identical to other similar offers by other popular Casinos that just copy the same software from each other. Additionally to this, this great Casino also provides other popular games such as Poker, Bingo and even more games. European players are more than welcome here and all of the services are made in a sense to accommodate EU players with great multi language support throughout the website and software. The supported languages include Croatian, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish. Main currencies, which are accepted at Star Games Casinos, consist of GBP, Euro and Swiss Francs.

One Of The Great Features: Customer Support

The only option Customer Support at Star Games is lacking is live chat option which most of the modern Casinos have. However, there are toll-free phone numbers visible and easily used for players who wish to connect directly. Other than that, the 24/7 is there to support players and comes available in multiple languages that cater to the international audience, which is primary player-base. Support through the E-mail service is also an option, though this option has delayed answer and usually takes some time for proper response. But, don’t be fooled, with their phone and email support services, you will get a direct and personal line which will deliver all of the answers promptly and in a kind manner. If you prefer an electronic way to submit your ticked, you can do that also and be satisfied knowing your ticked is in the right hands.

One of the greatest sides for choosing Star Casino as your prime source of online gambling fun is that you will get multi language option support that caters to Europe players wishes in the best possible manner. Additional sense of reassurance is the number of European currencies offered, so you can fill your cashier with familiar currency, with no need of knowing the current exchange rates.

Constant Promotions Available

Not only does they have great multi language support, they also will provide you with great promotions such as grand Welcome Bonuses (up to 100%). This means you can get free cash in amount for up to 100 GBP, the amount not a lot of Casinos could offer to their players. Only condition you have to fulfill is that you are a new player just entering their website from any of the eligible countries. Other terms of services you can find on their website and read them more in detail. Still. they reserve the right to change any part of their bonuses or ToS at any given time, without prior notice.

Unique Software

Perhaps one of the best features of the Star Games Casino - their unique software. As the provided software has been completely internally developed by the casino, it offers unique feeling and added features. This is something not many other Casinos have to offer. Players visiting and choosing to participate gets to try out all of the games right from the website once they have registered for their own real money player's account. The graphics included in every game are great, and the sound effects, which come bundled, are providing good cover. The gameplay itself is one of the smoothest to be every supplied with any Casino software and offers truly unique experience even on the slower machines.

Supported Games

Thing worth noting before you apply; all of the games are available to be launched straight from the website in your web browser. All you have to do is register with the casino and complete the setup of your account. There is a high variety of games available as you are not limited to play only Casino games. For players interested only in the Casino games there is also great number of Slot games offered, coupled with Table Games, Video Poker, Roulette, Baccarat and others.

Star Games Bonus Offers Are The Real Deal

One of the biggest reasons why so many people shift over from real world casinos to online casinos are the amazing bonuses that are on offer in the virtual casino space. Some of these are are ‘no deposit bonus offers’, ‘deposit match offers’ and ‘free play offers’ among others. No matter what your game of choice or style of play, it’s rare that you will not find an online casino offer catering to that. These offers are also a great way for people who are new to online casinos or to gambling itself, to get a feel for how things work. Think of it like trying the demo version of a software before buying the full thing. Makes things a whole lot easier.

It has also become a marketing strategy for online casinos to offer new and existing players with bonuses in order to attract more players and retain the existing ones. The online gambling industry is of course highly competitive with more and more casinos opening every week and everyone is offering all sorts of deals in order to gain even the slightest of edge over their competition. The winner in the end is the paying customer who has a huge plethora of offers to choose from. In reality there has never been a better time to gamble online than right now.

Star Games bonus offers

Star Games is one such quality casino that offers some of the most lucrative bonuses to all of their players. From the moment you sign up, to the day you become a veteran online casino player, Star Game will bombard you with offers that will make your stay with them, totally worth your while. For instance, they run welcome bonus schemes that give you €200 to play with for free just for signing up with them. Even when you make your first deposit, they will match that 100%, up to a certain limit, instantly doubling your bankroll. Of course these bonuses come with certain wagering requirements and for specific information on that, you should read the particular offers that you plan to exploit.

Do I need to use the bonus offers?

Of course there’s no compulsion that you absolutely must take advantage of the bonus offers but think of it like this- would you turn down free chips at a real world casino? Probably not. This is exactly what bonus offers are. They allow you to get your hands on free money and better your chances of winning some money.

Just like many other online casino websites, Star Games has a membership bonus scheme that is pretty darn exciting. These bonuses depend on the membership level that you have reached and work as follows:

  • The entry level also known as the bronze status is where you are offered a chance to make your first deposit so that you can qualify for the higher levels. At this level however, you can make two withdrawals per month
  • The next level is the silver level where a bonus of £3 is credited to your account on a monthly basis to boost your account and at this level; you can make three withdrawals on a monthly basis.
  • At the gold level, you first receive a £7 bonus in casino cash every month and receive other extra bonuses based on how much you spend in every game that you play. At this level, you can make 4 withdrawals on a monthly basis.
  • When you get to the platinum level, things get really interesting as you receive a bonus of £20 on a monthly basis for doing absolutely nothing. You also get all your points twice as fast as compared to the rate at which you were earning them as a bronze member. To crown it all, you can make a grand total of five withdrawals per month.
  • On top of the list is the Diamond membership level. It is the highest that you can get at the Star Games casino and the bonuses that you receive here are incredible. Under this membership plan, you receive a bonus of £100 on a monthly basis and you can withdraw your winnings five times a month with prompt processing that ensures speedy transfer of the funds to your account.

Needless to say the higher you go in the membership ranks, the better the offers that are constantly presented to you.


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